Support for the self-employed during the coronavirus pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic has affected the health of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, it has also had a devastating effect on small and medium-sized businesses in the UK

“With Halifax and Scottish Widows now calling this, as well as Barclays yesterday, I am sure it will not be long before others to do the same.

Borrowers who take up the mortgage repayment holiday may be denied the chance to switch onto better rates until after their payment break ends, Mortgage Strategy has learned.

Most advisers have already begun working from home, but those still in the office have put in place social distancing measures to keep themselves and their clients safe. Brokers say their diaries have remained busy, as applicants push ahead with remortgages and house purchases. While some brokers are receiving a growing number of enquiries about mortgage protection insurance.

Mortgage lenders have also been urged to clarify whether borrowers who take a payment break will see a damaging impact on their credit scores. Rishi Sunak announced yesterday that borrowers who fall into financial difficulty because of the covid-19 outbreak will be able to defer their payments for three months.

What effect will coronavirus have long-term?

In recent days the UK government has announced plans for payment holidays for mortgage borrowers. The original proposal was for residential borrowers which has since been extended to cover Buy

The coronavirus outbreak has created an unprecedented situation and uncertainty for individuals and businesses. I wanted to drop you an update on how the team at Altura are working through

Calls for clarity on payment holidays and credit scores

Brokers trigger coronavirus contingency plans to stay on top of busy diaries

Moving abroad to start a new job offers loads of benefits. As well as experiencing life in a new land, 2019 research by Good Move found that workers across the

The Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017 was the worst UK residential fire since the Second World War. 72 people lost their lives, while more than 70 people were injured in

Of course, the coronavirus outbreak has significantly changed the Chancellor’s plans. Opening his speech, Sunak said: “We will rise to this challenge – this virus is the key challenge facing

It’s the first to be given since the UK left the EU on 31st January 2020, with the country now in a transition period, and comes amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In recent years, changes to regulations and tax laws have led many landlords to exit the Buy to Let market. From an increase in Stamp Duty to low house price

We’re just a few weeks into 2020 and, this year alone, the UK government has advised against all but essential travel to Iraq, Iran and China. Whether it is for